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Emotional Freedom Technique


Fractal Art




EFT is a new and exciting development within Complementary Therapies and uses the ancient acupuncture meridian lines but in a different way that is... without the needles!


It has revolutionised the thought that we need hours of therapy to overcome our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual difficulties.


Above all else this is an elegant and simple tool that you take away with you for future use.  On the right of this page is a link to download a free manual of instruction for EFT.  I am pleased to say that a wonderful group of people have offered this manual free of charge. There is now an updated version that can be downloaded from the AAMET website. Please use the manual wisely and take responsibility for your own well being and seek help if you find yourself stuck on an issue,at times we all need a hand to see things differently.


What exactly is EFT?


I was trained as an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner under the certification of AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques) and as such use those techniques as the foundation for the work I do in this therapy.


The basic theory behind EFT is that:

  ALL negative emotions and behaviours, and many of the physical discomforts that they cause, are the result of disruptions in the body's energy system.



The meridians used for centuries by acupuncturists are the energy lines that flow throughout our body and these are the channels that can become blocked or disrupted in some way by our unresolved  emotional issues.


These are held in our energy body completely unconsciously except of course they inhibit our natural ability to heal, leaving us open to fears, pain and dis-ease. They also create a reference point to control our future reactions and emotional responses to new things we meet in our everyday life - our emotional triggers.


EFT tapping is used to eliminate the disruptions and blocks in our energy system leaving us with no emotional response to a previously negative experience and with a great sense of freedom.

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How do we find these disruptions?


It is quite easy to understand how our energy system works by looking at the energising effect when we refer back or remember positive experiences.  When we remember how a pleasant experience made us feel, we almost instantly feel that buzz again in our  body making our energy rise in that moment of thought.


So what about the negative experiences which when remembered make our energy drain away. Well we do the same but instead of a buzz that energises us we may feel flat or depressed, angry or frustrated, ill or have a high stress reaction, or indeed any other negative reaction you can think of.


It is fair to say that in these negative instances our reactions to our memory are more likely to be driven by sub-conscious emotions and beliefs which have caused the disruptions in our energy system.


We tend to protect ourselves very well from remembering fully any unpleasant experiences; we gloss over them or refuse to attach any emotion to them that will upset us again; or we can be in denial refusing to even contemplate that we ever had the experience.


These subdued disruptions then become the sub-conscious triggers for our emotional reaction to everything we then experience that is similar, and quite often our immediate emotional reaction  can be over the top when we look at it objectively (other people tend to do this for us as it is very hard to be objective for ourselves).  This is because the negativity is compounded each time we experience something similar and the whole bunch of negativity stuck in our energy system is what is in control of our reactions, not our rational thought.


When we tap on our meridian lines it can allow these buried memories to float to the top of our minds, rather like tapping on plaster of paris models allows the air bubbles, which could weaken the structure, to rise up and out before it sets.  These memories can seem totally irrelevant to the situation you are in but if we gently follow them by tapping on the emotion it causes to rise in you, then gradually we will find the original disruption and be able to eliminate it.

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What can I expect in a session?


The session begins with a brief discussion of your needs.  We will discover what it is you are feeling  in the moment and as soon as I see or feel an emotion or memory surface, even if it doesn't appear to be about 'the something' you came with, we will start tapping.


EFT uses tapping, on the ends of nine meridian lines, to eliminate the disruption that is being identified by your negative emotion or feeling in your body.  When using EFT it is essential to 'disconnect' the thinking brain.  It is not about analysing what has happened and will work without you even needing to tell your story.  We work with emotions and even if you find that really hard because you don't know what you are feeling then there are other ways that we can access them e.g. by drawing pictures or imagining what the emotion or feeling in your body looks like, its shape and colour, or maybe it's a sound or an object outside of you.


The most important factors in the success of this therapy is your ability to stay focussed for a few minutes on the issue or emotion that you need resolution with; and to make sure it is very specific e.g. this tight feeling in my throat that makes me want to vomit, or I am so angry and feel useless and out of control.


The tapping starts on the fleshy side of the palm of your hand, originally named as the karate chop point.  Then gentle tapping with a finger tip on five places on your face; then onto your collar bone - I will show you how to find this point; then under your arm, level with your nipple on the side of your chest; then on the top of your head.  I can tap on you or you can copy the tapping I do on myself.  Along with the tapping are words that are repeated about the feeling.


At no time will you be expected to repeat any words that you are not comfortable with.  This is about YOU and as such I am your facilitator, with you to enable you to find your own truth, hidden for now maybe, that you need to resolve to move on and feel better in your life and about yourself.


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Why is this receiving such praise as a therapy?


  • I love the fact that you, as the client, gets to take away with you a tool to use on yourself whenever you need to. 
  • It is gentle and straightforward to learn.
  • It is highly effective with anyone who engages with the process or journey.
  • The ability to achieve good results very quickly with EFT means fewer therapy sessions.
  • It can replace the need for hours and hours of speaking therapies.





EFT is not diagnostic nor meant to replace the sound advice of your Health Professional whether that is your GP, hospital Doctor, Psychiatrist, Psychiatric Nurse, Nurse Practitioner or any other.


It is your responsibility to take care of your own health and well-being.

Please read the Disclaimer



I am based in Southwater, West Sussex UK