Gift Voucher



Buying a Gift Voucher for however much you would like to give is a great way to treat a friend or loved one to a Birthday or Christmas present; or just because you care.



You can enter the amount on the order page when you click on the link below. 




How I share the benefits


I wish to share my therapies and knowledge with anyone who feels they may benefit and so if, for whatever reason, energy exchange in the form of money for any therapy you choose is difficult for you then I am more than happy to discuss another exchange you may freely have at your disposal.


As I don't want to discourage anyone from contacting me because I have not stated prices for therapies here let me just say that you can pay me as little as £5 per session up to £40 as long as we have agreed this beforehand.


I am more than willing to refund any payment if you are not entirely satisfied with what you have received.


I can accept money payments by cash, CHAPS, cheque or if you prefer to pay with a card or PayPal then you can use the 'gift' payment option to the right on this page. (Please do contact me first unless you are just purchasing a Gift Card)



Personal Transformational Sessions


'Be the change you want to see in your life'


I offer a course of developmental sessions set to your own needs with the only requirements to signing up for a course being the real desire and committment to change and the time that may take. This will facilitate your transformation into a person who is choosing, in every moment, your own destiny and how your life and your world is experienced.  The aim is to rid yourself of all the limiting self talk and negativity from wherever it is trapped within your energy system.  These sessions will be primarily EFT based but if it is needed I can add Reflexology or Reiki to soften the journey at times.


Please contact me for more information.